SuttaCentral Voice v1.5 released!

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How utterly strange!

I have noticed that strange behavior happens when we hit play as the bell sounds. This fires off multiple timers that trip over each other trying to do the same thing and could lead to this situation. To verify, turn off the bell preference and see if the problem goes away.


Actually, as you mention the bell, one strange thing I could observe in my test: The start bell sound came while the sutta player had not yet opened. So it seemed the sound was faster than the image. :loud_sound: :tv:


Didn’t fix it :pensive: This time Amy got to segment 1.8, “What was the Buddha, What was the Buddha”


mage[quote=“sabbamitta, post:22, topic:13156”]
sound was faster than the

:joy:. Voice violates the speed of light! Dhamma bell warp 9!