Suttas about two aspects of Kamma

Can someone point me to a sutta that states that karma is driven by intent?

Can someone also point me to a sutta that states that at anytime a person can begin to turn their karma around for a more positive outcome, that it isn’t fate?

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Nibbedhikasutta, AN6.63

Cetanāhaṁ, bhikkhave, kammaṁ vadāmi. Cetayitvā kammaṁ karoti—kāyena vācāya manasā.

It is intention, bhikkhus, that I call kamma. For having intended, one acts by body, speech, or mind.

See also the Kathāvatthu debate on whether Rupa can be ethically good or bad


Here, in the Devadaha Sutta, the Buddha goes to the Nigaṇṭhas, who hold the view that kamma is predestination, and shows them through their own experience that that is not the case.


AN 3.61; SN 35.146; AN 3.100; MN 86; SN 12.37


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