Suttas for Sutta Study Sessions for Beginners

Dear Bhantes

Together with some friends, we have setup a sutta study group where we will gather monthly to read and share our understanding on Suttas.

So far our approach on selecting of Sutta for the group discussion seems to be rather random and based on what we can think of at that point in time.

I wonder if you are able to recommend a list of Suttas starting with those that focuses on the lay life and we can apply the principles more easily, progressing to other deeper and more abstract concepts for the Sutta study group discussion?

Hope to have your advice.



here you’ll find a long list of sutta references grouped by topics, one of which being Laity (upasaka), where links to 32 suttas dealing with instructions to lay people are provided



Dear Benlim,

Please see link below. If you’re looking for a sutta very specific to lay life, the sutta below is really helpful with regards to how a lay disciple’s conduct.

May you and your group be free.

with añjali and mettā,


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Dear Ben,
you may also find the following topic raised by @are_ess helpfull:

Q&A: An absolute beginners question:

Under this topic a number of suggestions for readings were given, which would very likely fit the purpose of your study group. Other than that, I agree with @LXNDR that Bhikkhu Bodhi’s “In the Buddha’s Words” is one of the best and could be studied in your group in the way he describes. I also found this book immensely helpful myself.

With much mettā,

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