Suttas in Marathi

Hi all…was wondering if anyone had any links/resources to sutta material in the ‘marathi’ language of india…? (doesn’t seem to be any on S.C)…thanks

Hi Venerable.

We do indeed have one text in Marathi, a Dhammapada translation:

We know that the interface doesn’t make it easy to find texts in a given language; hopefully that will improve soon.

We would love to have more in Marathi! In fact, improving coverage of all the major Indian languages is very important to us. If you know of anything, please let us know.


Hi Ajahn…
Something is better than nothing! The reason i asked was that i’m about to go to maharasthra and the laypeople asked if i wanted to teach and as of recent times i found that doing some group recitation of sutta material to always be beneficial…hopefully some connections will arise from the trip that will help with increasing the marathi material for S.C…Hope your retreat is going well…going beyond the dukkha of translating!


Oh, that’s so excellent. The people of India are really thirsty for Dhamma, and good teachers are in short supply.

Do you know my good friend Ayya Yeshe? She lives in Maharasthra, or at least she does much of the time, I’m not sure where she is right now. Anyway, she’d love to see you. I was planning to visit some years ago, but never made it.

Sure, it’s dukkha in the existential sense, but in a mundane sense, I love it. I’m more nervous about what life will be like when I leave my little island.


This is her website and the contact details (incl. her email) are at the bottom: