Suttas in the Canon with two titles

Dear all

Could someone please direct me to a web link where I can find suttas that have two titles.
One example is Ariyapariyesana and Pasarasi are two titles for the same sutta in MN.

with metta


Here’s a CSV file with all the suttas on SuttaCentral that have two names.

This is just a raw extract from our data. It includes mere spelling variations as well as genuine alternatives. This data was compiled by Rod when we first began SuttaCentral, and the titles are not always the same as found in our Pali text or translations.

For example, see DN 25. In the data this is listed as Udumbarika­sīhanāda [Udumbarika]. In the Pali text it is Udumbarika, with no variants listed. The English translation is based on Udumbarika­sīhanāda. And at the end of the text, the uddāna for DN 34, it lists udumbara and udumbarī.

There are 674 such variants in all, although some of these are repetitions, and many are insignificant. However, even allowing for this, there are several hundred genuine variants in titles, and I’m sure not all of those found in the manuscripts are recorded here. But it’s a start. (13.0 KB)

Dear Bhante

Thank you so much.

This is exactly what I have been looking for. This will be used in with your kind permission in our site



Of course, there is no need to ask for permission, but it was polite of you anyway!

May I ask, as i don’t speak Sinhala, what the scope of your site is? I’ve seen it before, but am not very familiar with it.

Also, just to let you know, we are working with Janaka of to prepare an updated text of the AP de Zoysa translation. This was kindly made available by Kumari Jayawardhana and Mr Godage, the publisher of the print edition. Janaka is converting it to Unicode and preparing it for his site, and we will put it on SC later. I believe this will be the first time that a complete translation of the 4 nikayas in Sinhala will be available on the web in actual HTML (as opposed to scanned images).