Suttas of only seeing Dhamma but not knowing?

I have only read one sutta
Is other suttas with better explanation?

Can Ven and friends also explain if like the sutta says is supposed to happen in all 4 stages?

As I understand it, it means the view (of no self) of a stream winner is the same as arahant. Drinking the water means the perception and thoughts aligned with the view of no self. Conceit is only uprooted by the arahant, so before that, the ariya may still have the notion “I am” as perception and think in terms of self, as the power of habit.

It takes time for the view of no self to pervade into perception and thoughts. Thus there’s work left to be done by the stream winner.

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What I understand is that those two monks have already attained at least stage 1 but not stage 4 yet.

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A Sotappana has “seen nibbana” in the sense of having understood “this is dukkha” and then “this dukkha can be completely extinguished”. But the Sotapanna has not experienced the complete cessation of suffering, but only a partial cessation of the three lower fetters. Likewise, an Anagami has experienced the cessation of dukkha further directly than a Sotapanna, but has not yet experienced complete cessation.

Therefore Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami know about nibbana but have not fully realized nibbana. So it is like a person who looks into the well, sees the water in the well, knows there is water in the well, but has not been able to actually reach and drink the water in the well.