Suttas references about four stages enlightenment, magga phala and nirodha samapatti

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Could you please help me with links to suttas that speak about:

  1. Four stages of enlightenment - the more descriptive of them, the better.
  2. Magga Phala - how they differ from each other, and how they differ on different stages of enlightenment?
  3. Nirodha samapatti - especially its relation to magga phala, if there is any in the suttas.

I need to sort this out for my Ph.D, because this is aspect of Buddha’s teachings that I haven’t really wrap my head around yet, and this is something which could help me understand more advanced stages of the Path. I don’t want to distort the dhamma in my writings, thats why suttas references could be very helpful.


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Just for your information, we have an excellent search function on the forum. One of the reasons why we are so strict with regards to keeping on topic and keeping focused on EBT’s is so that we can maintain an archive of all the knowledgable contributions, for easy reference.

As such, I recommend that you use the Q facility in the top bar, to ask these kinds of questions first. These questions have most likely been asked and comprehensively answered already. Then if you are still lacking information, please ask and we can keep building and expanding the answers :slight_smile:

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Greetings Viveka :anjal: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reminder and information. I’ve found answers to my questions in these two wonderful threads: :anjal:

I must say the policies on this forum are great, and the more I am here, the more I am seeing how useful and skillful they are, thank you all for making and keeping it :anjal:
From now on I’ll always do thorough search before I post a question. I’ll also do my best to respect all forum policies. :slight_smile:

In this topic, I have one question: how users and mods of this forum relate to answering in old threads, for example 1 or 2 years old?
I ask because on some forums it is criticised as “necroing” old threads and they preffer to create a new one.
But from your messege I infer that it is good to keep discussions in one place? If you could please tell me what would be best solution in a situation when I want to add something or ask about for example on subject of four stages of enlightenment, should I create new thread or respond in the existing one already?

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Not as a mod but as a user, I would say the best is to revive a thread only when you can improve the conversation, offering additional sources, references, linking it to other concersations etc.

If someone just revives a thread for the sake of polemics, saying simply agree or disagree to an extreme of the discussion and discourse, seeking attention and polarisation, then I am very prone to flagging it to moderation as potential trolling and will most of cases choose to mute the thread and/or the user in question.



Not as only a user but a mod too, I’d say that Gabriel has explained it nicely.

Thank you @Gabriel_L. :pray: