Suttas that repeat in different Nikayas - is there a list online?

I’ve noticed that some suttas repeat in different nikayas. For example,
Selasutta which is #7 of Sutta Nipata’s Mahavaga book, is also in
Majjhima Nikaya as sutta 92.

Does anyone know of a list anywhere online that lists which suttas repeat and where?

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I would love to see such a nerd-project! Also many SN and AN suttas are recycled in the MN, or AN suttas with lower numerals are recycled with minor additions in AN suttas with higher numerals etc.

If I had less to do I could totally imagine investing time in this. But maybe someone really did that already?

Maybe a good project for someone like Leigh Brasington, judging fromhis systematization efforts in the “gradual training” area.

On the new site you can find all parallels to a sutta in the dropdown list either with the sutta itself or in the list (we call it suttaplex) with all the suttas.

For instance here: you can click on the dropdown next to the green badge with a number and then you get a list of all suttas and parts of suttas that are the same in other suttas.

You can also find indexes of subjects, names, similes and terminology: