T.V.as a distraction

My understanding is that the practice is not to intentionally listen to music. There is no responsiblity to ensure no one near you plays music. Which, as you point out, would be impossible anyway.


I had a friend who often mentioned he didn’t have a TV, he seemed quite smug about it. It turned out he was watching loads of films and stuff on his lap-top. :roll_eyes:


There is another way to look at this, apart from the many excellent points so far, and that is from a straight Dependent/Conditional Arising perspective.

What goes in, comes out.

With the action of Contact, (sense organ, sense object, and consciousness) feeling arises > thoughts and volitional action arise (it can go off into proliferation at this point creating it’s own little ‘sub-vortex’ of views, grasping, clinging and becoming. Don’t be under any illusion that you are not being conditioned by what you are exposed to :slight_smile:

When one allows things in, (not properly guarding the sense doors) that lead to the arousal of unwholesome states, this is a problem for practice - no matter their source - tv, unwholesome conversations, unrestrained attention on anything unwholesome. (it is possible that there may be things on the tv and internet that lead to a wholesome state… so one needs to carefully differentiate here). We have some say about the nature of Contact that we cultivate - voluntarily seeking certain types of stimulus.

If distractions are to be sought, then it is best to do so mindful of the mindstates they will generate. As Stu says about gradually replacing courser ones with finer ones. It is simple, with sati sampajanna, one is constantly aware of the processes involved, as Faujidoc1 says. Combined with Right Attention , yoniso manasikara, this then becomes a bedrock of practice, and works to develop wisdom and right view. As one develops the skill of understanding what conditions lead to what state, one develops the ability to leave suffering behind. :slight_smile:

What goes in comes out :slight_smile: It’s not the tv itself that is the problem, but what arises as a result. Pay attention to the sense doors and dependent arising, and let this be your guide for what leads in a wholesome direction and what does not.

Happy Practicing :smiley: :pray: :butterfly:


Thank u friend you are appreciated


I especially like the “Ahaṁ sukhito homi…” chant at these times. As the Buddha said: he who is without anger sleeps well! :slight_smile: