Table of Contents for long suttas?

I seem to remember on the old suttacentral there was a table of contents of sorts for the longer suttas in the DN and MN. Does that still exist and I’m just missing it?


Yes, thanks for mentioning, I was wondering about that that, too.

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Aminah, can I ask you to put this on the current roadmap? Thanks


Of course, but in fact, it’s already on the roadmap (sparse as its description there might be) and was added to the relevant milestone August. I guess when it is got to will come out in the post P3 wash.

Along the same lines, Bhante @sujato, is it possible to have a mechanism for heading id’s? There are times (especially with DN16, but also MN10) where I want to give the link for a specific section. Linking to the paragraph means that the important heading renders above the fold.

This, and the page TOC, is also relevant to the Vinaya texts.

The segmented texts already have linked IDs for headings:

And as for the legacy texts, they are officially deprecated and we won’t be building any new functionality for them. Sorry!

Now this is odd… The sc numbers are completely different if the side by side English-Pali is turned on or off. Is that expected behaviour?

When I use the link you gave above, it doesn’t work if the text is in English only.

No, it’s a bug.

Another bug …

Speaking of bugs, that link gives a 404.


No idea what happened there.

Oh, it seems Github is having issues:

They’ll fix it soon. :crossed_fingers: