Talks for when excrement has already struck the ventilation device

Hi all,

I’m looking for Dhamma talk recommendations for someone who is actively in a mental health crisis. A lot of talks about grief and sorrow focus on reflections which help prepare the mind for when sh*t hits the fan. But they might not always be suitable for when you’re already in a crisis. I don’t feel like I have the capacity at the moment to properly apply things like the five daily recollections, for example. Though they once gave rise to peace, I now just get depressed when I think about these things. Some other reflections like Ajahn Brahm’s two bad bricks also haven’t helped. It’s hard to see the 998 good bricks when the two bad ones are each the size of a horse. I’m just too exhausted…

I’m looking for talks that might help when you’re in a very low energy, low capacity state. I’d appreciate recommendations of things that have helped others in this situation. Or talks you think might help.

Thank you and may you all be well,


Please note that I am not qualified to give any advice. I can only relate your situation to a situation of someone is struggling in the water while he himself does not know how to swim or haven’t prepared enough to swim well.

In such situation, that kind of drowning person usually depends on luck and also help from external factors such as something to catch on temporarily or somebody passing by who knows how to swim. In the Dhamma sense, this kind of external factor or luck is usually the merits that you have accumulated. Also you can invoke this by directing your mind towards the Triple Gem as refugee, this will facilitate such merits to be ripen and so can help you.

Again, the above are not advices, they are just something that I would like to say to lessen your struggling. Please seek professional help, it’s also your merit so that you can get proper medicine and treatment.

Perhaps this one?


Please, if it’s really bad, get professional help.

Buddhadasa suggested that we all attend the dhamma university within us. So here’s a thought that has helped me:

Something causes our existence in these very unfortunate circumstances of unfairness and suffering. If we give in, especially if we act destructively, it wins. Plain and simple.

Only if we follow the Buddha’s path and deny it recognition, we kick it’s ass. It loses.

Calm down your mind. You are the boss. Don’t add to what’s causing your suffering. Don’t support it by causing more suffering!

Hope this helps. Thomas


What can pull one out of this is investigation, energy and rapture. (SN46.53) One needs to investigate the Mind and see how the story it is telling one is simply a construct. Question the basis on which it is reaching its conclusion… are those assumptions really true? Has whatever has occurred in your life really that unique? Did the world end for others in similar situations? Or could it be a blessing in disguise - Good? Bad? Who knows?

This too shall pass.

If not able to summon the energy to investigate at all, please see a Mental Health professional.

Better still - consult your Mental Health professional first! They can help. I know - I’ve been on both sides of the table.

Much Metta