Teacher's fee

There is whole thread on the topic of ‘lay Dharma teachers/Dharma books,’ but what about this, it’s from SN 7.14, it sounds like the brahmin is asking for a fee for someone else but in the end seems to be offering it to the Buddha (after having received a teaching)?!

“…We brahmans, Master Gotama, look for a teacher’s fee for our teacher. May Master Gotama accept this teacher’s portion from me.”

The Blessed One accepted it out of sympathy…"


I think it’s important to note that in this sutta the Buddha accepted “dussayugaṃ” (a set of garments) not money.


I went to a Thai Buddhist festival several years ago in Cambridge, and they were giving the monks new robes, which I assume is a traditional offering? The local Thai community were being very generous, and the 3 monks there ended up with about 10 robes each! :grin:

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Generosity overwhelms demand!