Technical Question: Finding a Sutta by its Name

Hello friends,

using Sutta Central means for me mainly to search for a sutta´s root text and to get to know where to find it (MN, AN…). The result one gets when typing the name of a sutta in the searching field though, even when choosing “Root Texts” in the sidebar, is everything else except the sutta itself. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks a lot.


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Welcome Annne! Some tips from Bhante Sujato earlier this week:


Hi Danny,
I tried searching with only the sutta´s name (Anattalakkhaṇa), it didn´t work. In this case I did not know the sutta´s id and had therefore find it out through Google.

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I agree, wish it were easier. Searching around, I found it comes up from the search term Anattalakkhaṇasutta. 🤷

At the moment, I just use google

Generally speaking just write the full name of the sutta in Pali, including the suffix “sutta” and you should be good. No diacritcals needed.

In this case, search anattalakkhanasutta.


Dear Bhante and engineers of SC,

I like to suggest that the finding of a sutta in the search box by its name and by its id is made very easy. Here the site needs some re-engineering. Today I plotted AN 10.61, an id, in the search box. The result is 104 texts that contain “an”, not at all related to AN 10.61.

Perfect would be, when plotting the id, the Pali name with and without hyphen between name and the term “sutta” would show in sequence:

  1. Root text in Pali and selectable translations
  2. Commentaries
  3. Cross references

Please make using Sutta Central easy.

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If you go to[sutta_id] you’ll get a handy list of translations, root text, and parallels:

SuttaCentral doesn’t (currently) host commentaries.

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Thanks, Bhante. That´s very helpful. :slight_smile:

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Hello! Can you help me with the alike issue to? I read an article and there were suttas mentions there and the thing is I can’t find these suttas anywhere. Whatever I tried it couldn’t help. Suttas numbers are:
“A.V, 333”, “M.I, 491-92”, “Dhp.142” Please, if they really exist it will literally change my life. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Welcome Dimi!
It seems you are quite new to reading the suttas , so here is a fabulous resource that can help you take the first steps…

Referring to your question, to help understand the abbreviations try this:


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Thanks a lot, will try find them using this :pray:

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Yes, that is a difficult issue.

The problem is that there are different numbering systems for Suttas. The numbers you mention seem to belong to a rather old system that refers to volume and page numbers of a particular printed edition, namely the PTS (Pali Text Society) edition. In the time of internet this seems a bit outdated, but especially among scholars it is still widely in use.

Fortunately there are people who have built some tools to address this. One of them is for example this PTS converter.

If I enter for example “A.V, 333”, I get AN 11.12. It even links to the Sutta in root language and translations on SuttaCentral! (This is the first time I use this converter, and I am impressed!)

Have fun to find the other Suttas too! :pray:

More discussion of the topic is here.


Thanks! That was really helpful! :pray:

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You’re welcome! It was nice to have an opportunity to try out the PTS converter.