Temporary solutions for offline website

There is a program called httrack. I can’t utilize it right now but perhaps someone could use the program, download Sutta Central and then upload the file for easy downloading for those interested. I hear the program works well and it could be a temporary solution until the PWA is working better.

Side note - I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your suttas Bhante. Simply put they are clear. I went back to Maurice Walshes DN translation and felt like I was reading Old English. As I continue into the MN I’ll point out any errors I see.

All the best.


For the translations only, this may help:

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I don’t think this will work (or at least I haven’t gotten it to work)

I don’t really understand what is going on in the backend of SuttaCentral, but it’s not simply a collection of html files. Just try to save one of the pages of Bhante Sujato’s translations and you will see that the file doesn’t contain the text.

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(Shh, don’t tell anyone, but you can generate an epub from our staging site with an API that is VERY CRUDE, UNTESTED, BUGGY, AND POSSIBLY FATAL: https://staging.suttacentral.net/files/exports/mn_en_sujato.epub. Change the text ID as appropriate.)


That is an awesome feature.

I tried with dn, sn, an but got a 404 ‘sunyata’ error:

Did I do something wrong or is it just buggy as you subtly warned? :smile:

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Any chance we can try out english+pali version?

I just tested out the MN file above, looks good seems to work. SN, DN, SN, AN no there though.

It’ll get better!

Dear Bhante @sujato,

Could you clarify if the other nikayas are available? Here you make it sound like they are if you just change the link, but as many have commented, this doesn’t work…

Change the text ID as appropriate.

I’m setting up an ebook reader to send to a monk in SL and would love to have your SN and AN on it.

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. :wink:

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