Terrible wrong speech of mine

I was going to hold off as you want to close this thread, but I fear the metaphor (very good to reduce guilt!) should not lead someone to give up regret.

Guilt no, but regret for the non-virtuous things that what one has done - even if it was not “you” that did it given the momentariness teaching - is appropriate and possible. For instance, let’s say “you” put your hand on a hot stove for ten seconds. The next day, even though it wasn’t “you” that put your hand on the stove it is “you” that is feeling the consequences for having done so. You might regret very much that the previous “you” decided to put their hand on the stove :joy: :pray:

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Hi Willy,

What was done is done. It is in the past. No one can rewind actions done in the past.

Maybe you were wrong but maybe you were right. Nobody knew. Nobody know. It was your intention at that time that judge your action, not anybody.

The most important thing is now. Please do not stress yourself of what have already happen in the past.


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Go well. :pray: