Testing my understanding of Dependent Origination

Okay, we begin with ignorance. Somehow the entire process of our existence is misaligned with reality. This misalignment generates turbulent forces (sankhara) which begin to fracture reality, like a rock creates turbulences behind it when placed in a smooth and laminar stream, making the surface of the water visible. This fracturing creates distinctions, and just like the water becomes visible our reality becomes capable of being experienced (vinnana) .

Since experience becomes possible the distinction between experience and the content of experience arises (nama rupa). These objects of experience can be distinguished as being sourced from distinct sense faculties (six sense fields) which makes sense experience possible (contact). This fully establishes a conduit through which ignorance, acting through sankharas, can generate feelings upon contact (vedana). Sankharas lead to vedana like a radio signal being amplified by a radio.

These feelings lead to perceptions of like and dislike (craving) which we reactively chase and run away from (grasping). This process of craving and grasping paints a picture to our perception of an entity which requires satiation and survival, a perception which is grasped onto (continuation of existence). At death we then stumble in confusion towards familiarity only to find ourselves in a new womb soon to be born again.

Did I get this somewhat correct? Thanks for any/all feedback :relaxed:


So dependent origination is not linear? The above sounds like sense faculties are the cause/source of experience & nama-rupa.