Text-critical information styling


That’s what they say but they also said that for Polymer 2.


I’ve uploaded something for the table. Basically removing the code from the table when it gets to the paper-tooltip. Not ideal but it works.


How about my question above?


Actually that’s correct. It’s not really a variant reading, what it says is:

This verse in-between is found in the sya1-3 and pa1 editions.


That means that the abbreviations sya1 and pa1 are not expanded.

Anyway, it is one of the examples in zz42 so please have a look how that looks there. There are various examples of different cases there.


Well, if they could be expanded it’s good. I’ll check the other cases later.


All done. I tested the paper-tooltip on small screen and that works well too. Also tested it in combination with the pali-lookup tool (see f.i. Ud 1.1) and that works fine too.

Is there anything more that needs to be changed with regards to the Textual Information classes in nextdata?

I have attached an updated list with TI and other classes. The other classes we still need to get through and add the CSS which is not there yet. But considering that this thread became a bit long, maybe start a new one, again with a table like you did here. (1.3 KB)

I also made a test file zz3 and zz4 for some of the text classes. Some of those work, others don’t. But note that those test files are far from complete and need a lot more work.


Yep, that’s great.

BTW, the second varon Ud 1.1 is odd, I can’t figure out exactly what it’s saying, but it certainly isn’t a variant reading. It’s a note of some kind, but appears to be garbled. i would suggest just delete it.

Just a couple of details on zz1/zz/test:

  • For .metre, the metrical info is too high; margin-top: -11px; should be right.
  • We should have a title attribute for t-gaiji: “Chinese characters not in Unicode.”
  • Also, when there is a .corr with no further details, display title attribute: “Corrected reading.”

Also, note that on text pages, the first column should not be bold by default, this just happened to be handy for the static pages. I.e. delete .textable td:first-child { font-weight: bold; }

This is excellent, great idea. Although i think it would be better to put them both on the same page, wht do you think?

Okay, great. Before doing the test pages, let’s go through these, I am sure there is much we can clean up and simplify here. I’ll make a start on a new thread.


This will be problematic. OK if I make those class="corr2"?


Okay, but better use a more semantic name, such as corrected.


All changes as per the above are made so load-data and if you feel comfortable to do so, you can also approve my pull-requests on GitHub if you want to see latest changes.


I’ll check these soon.

Meanwhile, I just discovered a naming problem. It seems the sa texts in lzh/sutta have been renamed san. I’m guessing they got caught up in the Sanskrit renaming. Anyway, they all need to be changed back to sa, sa-1, and so on.


Thanks for finding. Should be done now. Please check if I have not missed anything.


Please check the metre in
It looks a bit funny.


It looks okay to me, a little cramped, but bearable.

One detail in the styling: use sans serif, small caps, all lower case for the names of the metres; that way it minimizes the vertical metrics.


This is what I see:

Screenshot from 2017-12-07 05-35-43


Right, I see it now. It seems that at certain zoom sizes the metrical info for two lines gets superimposed on each other.


It’s the small-window view (so when the paragraph numbers turn into boxes on the left of the paragraph).


And have a look at this one:


I can’t take credit for this unfortunately, it was Hubert. But the solution was ever so simple in the end. I should have added an !important to my code for the width of the paper-tooltip.

With regards to the .metre-bug: I found it and will submit to GitHub today.