Textbook for Introduction to Buddhism - first of it's kind?

Bhikkhu Cintita, an American monk in the Burmese Sitagu Organization, has recently published (under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0) an introductory textbook on Buddhism. As far as I know, this is the first of it’s kind.

Buddhist Life / Buddhist Path: the foundations of Buddhist based on earliest sources.
This textbook, bases on the earliest stratum of Buddhist texts, provides a holistic and proportionate account of the range of the Buddha’s Dharma, interpreted for the modern student. We discover in the earliest teachings a corpus that is astonishingly profound and comprehensive, consistent, brilliantly coherent and still intelligible today. Topics include not only the higher training of meditation, psychology and the path to awakening, but also practical advice on virtue, harmony, community and basic human values. This book is divided into two parts, each of which can be studied independently: Buddhist Life concerns living devoutly, virtuously, harmoniously and in community. Buddhist Path, on the higher course of training toward awakening based on the noble eightfold path.

You may find free pdf copies available for viewing or downloading:

here at DhammaBooks.online

or here at Bhikkhu-Cintita’s blog

Physical copies can also be purchased from lulu.com:
link here


(Why do you think that it is the first of it’s kind?)

I just don’t think there are many textbooks on Buddhism in general and especially not (any?) focusing on the earliest material.

Here is a long categorized list of Buddhist ~textbooks (not all of them are early buddhist or textbooks - but many are).


Please forgive me if I’m not allowed to post this link here.


That’s a great list. I can’t dig through all of them to find any textbooks meant for a school curriculum that also focus on early sources. Would you mind pointing those out?

What did you mean by not being allowed to post that link here?

There’s no information at that website other then the books. Clicking on one loads what looks like a complete PDF file, but it can’t be downloaded in complete form – not as html or pdf in either of Safari or Firefox. (I tried this with a couple of V. Sujato’s books.)

Is that known to be how that website works? (only to read on-line)

Hi @cjmacie, thanks for checking it out. Did you try clicking on the “download” link?

Even in the viewer you can download, like this:

Looks great. While there are other books that use the Pali suttas as a basis for explaining Buddhist concepts and practice, this looks very suitable for someone with no previous exposure to Buddhism.

Aha! That works much better. Thanks.