Textual issues in Bv 28

Hi, I would like to flag that there apparently are some issues with rendering the Pali text under Bv 28, sections 11, 12 and 21 more specifically.

At the first time I loaded the page I got the variant reading pop-up text truncated in the middle of the original text.


I am just a random user here, but when I clicked on your links, I got what seems to be the regular pages associated with your links. The problem might be deeper than the links themselves.

I know nothing about computers or coding though. All I know is from clicking on them and looking them up separately. I don’t mean to say I’m invalidating your experiences. I just mean to say the problem you describe might be deeper than the links themselves.

I am also sufficiently computer-ignorant not to know if what I’m saying is nonsense and the products of a moronic mind.

It is now sorted as well. I just wanted to flag that for some reason, when I first loaded those texts things were showing up truncated.

That happens to me sometimes too especially on long lists of suttas. I assume this is a feature (read: bug) of SC being a progressive web app: it’s trying to render things as-needed, but sometimes it’s a little late and the user gets a truncated document for a little bit.

When you reloaded the page it worked?

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Thanks for reporting the bug. I’m not sure what’s going on here. However, we will shortly be addressing various issues on the text pages, so we will hopefully be able to sort this out.