Thai Buddhism In Horror Films - another perspective on the Forest Tradition?


Nang Nak is an interesting movie. That Leung Por Toh saves the day gives extra vitality and interest to the pictures and shrines to him that you see all over Thailand (and at out local Wat)…

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I do enjoy horror movies (not sure how “Buddhist” that is of me) and have seen many Thai ones so thank you for sharing this article. Always interesting to see how they treat Buddhism in those movies. Often the monks are shown teaching people how to deal with ghosts or giving them amulets, etc but there are also many times where the monks are a voice of reason and morality.

Not a ghost story, but Bang Rajan is the story of the Thai equivalent of the Alamo in the war where the Burmese eventually destroyed Ayuttaya:

The strength of the village monk is an important part of the story (and features in the museum across the road from the main memorial). At one point the villagers ask him for protective cloth armbands and the conversation goes something like:
“You know that those don’t work, don’t you?”
“Yes, but if it’s all the same to you, Bhante, can we please have that mat you are sitting on?”

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