Thai government to give away one mil. medicinal cannabis plants

Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia in 2018 to legalize cannabis for medical research and use.
However, extracts containing more than 0.2 per cent THC are still against the law. Recreational use is still banned. Anyone found smoking marijuana for recreation will be subject to lengthy jail terms and fines.
For centuries, Thais used cannabis in traditional medicine to relieve pain and fatigue.


I am, for once, speechless.


I asked some Thai friends here about this. Apparently the strategy is, now that the plant is legal, they want to encourage people to grow a version of the plant with a low THC level.

For many uses, you just want the CBD oil (or even the fiber) without needing so much THC, but the versions of the plant grown in SEA right now (for the drug trade) are all very high THC. So the government is flooding the market with low-THC plants, to ensure that new buyers have the opportunity to get the less-psychoactive version.


That makes sense of it all, thank you for posting that comment.

I hope Biden succeeds in his efforts to have the artificially heightened levels of nicotine in cigarettes reduced.

I had a job in college in a store that sold American Spirits tobacco – natural cigarettes. Many of my coworkers who were smokers told me that they found it easier to go without cigarettes when smoking those as it didn’t have artificially jacked up nicotine levels.

Marlboro cigarettes are sought throughout the world by smokers, because of the jacked up nicotine content giving them more stimulation.

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