Thank you fellow travelers

Hi everyone.

I just want to post a big THANK YOU to everyone who posted particular on Death, Khamma and Rebirth in this forum.
After caring for my best friend and husband for the last 4 months he died yesterday. I don’t want to go in any details but I want to let you know how important and supportive all your thoughts were and how they helped me to get through this horrendous time.
Reading of Sutta suggestions, opinions, essays etc gave me so much food for thoughts and contemplation, that I am able to use this experience to grow further towards Nibbana.
May you all be well and safe and be successful on your path

With metta
Alex :pray: :beetle: :bouquet:


“Aniccā vata saṅkhārā,
Uppajjitvā nirujjhanti,
tesaṁ vūpasamo sukho”ti.

“Oh! Conditions are impermanent,
their nature is to rise and fall;
having arisen, they cease;
their stilling is true bliss.”



You’re welcome with best wishes for your best friend in next existence.
And thank you very much as well for reminding us of urgency on Death and giving opportunities to study/contemplate on it.

Thanks and regards,


I’ll think of you when I sit down for metta practice tonight :white_heart: May you and your husband advance towards Nibbana :pray:


It’s so nice to know that the resources on this site and the people here supported you in this way. May you and your husband advance on the path. :pray:
May you continue to be part of our community. :slight_smile: :bouquet:


Much metta and many virtual hugs to you and your family!:purple_heart:

Thank you for sharing your journey with us :pray:t4:
May you and your dear partner move on with confidence and joy towards Nibbana.


It is only the ideas imposed by an immature society by which you measure the experience of death as ‘horrendous’. I don’t mean to use the word ‘immature’ in any pejorative sense; it is only used to set the prevailing background of ignorance regarding suffering, dying and death and the false narratives that give integrity to those lies.

In the true light of suchness, what occurred was a reintegration of the bodily structure with the outer worldly elements. You will sense the heat of your partner’s body shimmering in the next sunset; their fluidity lapping up against the sandy beach; you’ll breathe their breath, and here their voice in yours.

Of course, we don’t really know what all these things are other than the ‘just seen’. I like to describe it all as the appearance of love in its manifold creativity. Death of the human body is a small expression of this beautiful loving spectacle non of which can be caught by the measly concepts of the mind. That love is unmanifested, completely still and silent yet when you come across it, you’ll recognise it instantly as the peace you always were.


Here’s an interesting discussion on whether arahants experience pleasant/unpleasant vedana.