Thank you very much for the kind donations

I just wanted to acknowledge here the many donors who have kindly contributed to SC. For many years we operated without donations, just covering our few costs ourselves. With our recent expansion, employment of a full time developer, and other costs, we started accepting donations. And the support has been wonderful! :clap:

We receive regular small donations online, and occasional larger ones. These enable us to pay for servers :penguin:, developers :unicorn:, hardware :computer:, and various contracting costs, such as typing :keyboard:, proofreading :eyeglasses:, and so on.

Of course, in addition to this, there is the very great contribution made by volunteers, who have given us so much of their time and intelligence and good will. :hugging:

sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!


Hi Bhante
The best way to handle funding project is to follow a strategy similar to Wekipedia.
a)Make a budget for the whole year. (Say Aud 100000.00)
b)Advise members about the fund situation as at the month one. (say we have Aud 10000.00 in the bank and a shortfall of Aud 90000.00)
c) Objective is to raise Aud 90000.00.
d) Keep inform the fund situation in a monthly basis to members until it reach the target.

Thanks for the tip, we will bear it in mind.

So far we have done an initial round of awareness and fundraising, and since then, we’ve had enough for our needs. But in the future, this may well change, so we will look at this strategy.