The Buddha is the Sangha - Time for payback!

The Buddha touched the earth, and Mother Divine came through for her son, raised the energy and swept Mara’s shadows of countless lifetimes away, clearing the end for the coming Lord Buddha.

That was 2500 years ago, and it is a really lovely debt for us Buddhists to repay, because even in Heaven there will be no freebies, and now it’s time to bring heaven down to earth!
Forget about endless sitting here or there (maybe some posh resort, calling it a “retreat”, “cough” … “bs”), dissociating from here and now. We have been doing this for millennials, and when is the same kind of travel needed, or who needs it? I say that the ego needs to sit down and engage us in endless debates about letting go and whatnot… ?!

So Mother is asking you to get up on your feet and stand firm as a witness for the Mother, or is it too much to ask?

How deep is your love?

last ned

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Your comment reminds me very much of the Ancient Greek Hermeneutical tradition where the mother is called Pistis Sophia.

I am not sure if I personally would find myself able to align this view with the teachings of the Buddha …

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Actually, no one swept Mara’s shadows away except the Buddha-to-be. No one can clear away and extinguish our defilements except us.

Having to rely on an outside “power” of some sort is not found in the Buddha’s teachings.
Devas appear in the suttas but are not necessary for liberation and are themselves caught in samsāra.

People are of course free to believe in, and to practice, whatever spiritual path they wish, including Gaia and Mother adulation. But this is not a feature of the Dhamma in the Nikāyas.

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The female element earth represents the manifestation of reality at the completion of any process. It is not the active part but the verified result. Every action of kamma has this cycle, with the involvement of the ‘earth goddess’.

The earth property is differentiated from the others in that it is unable to itself get into a provoked state, ie passive, but is affected by the others:

“Now there comes a time, friends, when the external liquid property is provoked,[2] and at that time the external earth property vanishes.”

—Majjhima Nikaya 28