The Buddhist Nikayas comes from Nikayas?


I think this something that that I did not read about yet.

But I read about two old inscriptions in India.One mentioned that a mahacetiya was finished by Reverend Ānanda who knows the Digha and Majjhima Nikayas by heart. I don’t know I f this referring to Ānanda itself but it gives a clue that those two nikayas probably belonged to the Elders nikaya because in stupas the monks are called Thera.

And there was another inscription which I read but I can’t find it but I it was saying Brothers of Samyutta. As referring to a order that use that nikaya.

The beginning of Samyutta Nikaya already has many indication that it was made by the monks related to Buddha’s family. A whole Samyutta about discourses of king that is from a warrior clan. Which clan is constantly referred to even by devadata. (??)

Being a traditional written Nikaya that was probably used by The Great Sangha which got that name later. That is just a Sākyan family tradition supported group of monks.

But the texts of the Elders is than the Digha and Majjhima nikaya.

Eventually as time passed The theras of Ceylon got influenced by another sect and eventually lost the root of being sutta based. They became as other schools more a Abhidhamma school and magic chant brahmanic influenced tradition.

But Ceylon it’s roots is Theras which was educated in the sutta and Vinaya
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