The case for bare awareness?


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I’m sure the sutta quotations speak for themselves. A Self that isn’t felt in some situations and is felt again afterwards won’t convince me that there is no being.


Can you clarify what you have in mind?


Re the jhana see my post here:

The case for bare awareness?

In Jhana the sense of Self is lost.


I thought there is a teaching on dependent origination. When you say there is a ‘being’ what exactly are you referring to, the sense of self or, something else? With D.O. is there a teaching about a ‘being’ who meditates, reflects on the Dhamma etc. or, is there a ‘becoming’. Is there a traveller on the path? You know the relevant verse from the Visudhimagga that comes to mind? It’s OK if we don’t see things the same way. I do appreciate your Dhamma offerings based on a good working knowledge of the EBT’s. I am not sure just what it is that is problematic but there appears to be something that some Mitta’s find disquieting.


That doesn’t lead to insight…


is unlikely


Yes - the turning on of the senses happens after jhana stops - is this what you are saying?

Did I say this, just samatha leads to insight?

Insight may arise anywhere at anytime in any situation.


Ajahn Chah said: everything is teaching us!


Samatha doesn’t doesn’t lead to insight. Ajhan Brahm is denying there is such thing as samatha and insight (while you don’t seem to be), at least in the portions you are quoting.

Going deeper into jhana isn’t going to lead to deeper insight. Insight is about the 5 aggregates, 6 senses, the DO, etc. Insight doesn’t just arise without right view understanding at the very least.


What have I said about samatha as distinct from insight - you may need to grab a quote. I am not sure just what it is you believe I have said in this connection.


I thought I just asked you a question about D.O.? With regard to insight into the sense consciousnesses, and not-self, the period directly after jhana sheds light on these Dhamma teachings. There is the loss of subjectivity in jhana and, afterwards, the sense of self returns. This gives rise to insight into not-self. Just ask Ajahn Brahm and he will concur. Don’t take my word for it - find out for yourself.


Right view is essential - goodoh! Can you give me an example of wrong-view in what I have actually said - a quote maybe? Did I say, right view is of no relevance? Feel free to clarify the nature of right view. I usually find your offerings based on your Dhamma learning helpful and insightful. I am not sure if we are on different wavelengths - are we?


This is not my comment, this is an Ajahn Brahm quote. Do you find it problematic?


So is there a method here? How does one develop the skill?


There is discussion about the kind of skill involved earlier on, did you read it? Is there something in that discussion with ‘Karl’ that is problematic?


This is where we loop back to the teaching given by the Buddha to Bahiya. The skill or, the capacity to allow natural stillness to deepen without interference is related to sustained and unbroken bare awareness. It is a consequence of letting go - in the seeing just the seeing… In the thinking just the thinking. Until thinking stops by itself, then, silent awareness of the present moment, then the nimitta then, just the beautiful, then, limitless expansive formless perceptions then, ???


For me it’s paradoxical - the more I notice the continual movement of senses and mind, the more I notice an underlying stillness.


Beautiful - sadhu sadhu sadhu. The wonders never cease - thankyou for sharing.


I really should go to sleep more often. Then I would have more to come back and read.


Does falling asleep have the same effect? I find suppression of the sense of self in jhana and its subsequent return did not convince me of not-self where as watching sense doors arising and passing away did which is insight practice.

Yes I agree, usually if the resultant samadhi is used to practice insight or vipassana!

I just wanted to air my views on the topic.

What do you say is ‘Right’?

There maybe different views today but then that’s to be expected!

You’re not letting go of anything. Its a ‘suppression’ for a period of time.