The Dhamma as Raft

The vessel is the teaching of the Buddha.
The ‘dispensation’ :grinning:

But since we are ‘uninstructed wordlings’, we’ll even cling to that- let alone much less lofty things.

And if we set out alone for the far shore without the proper vessel we’ll never make it.

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I believe the Dhamma is like a support wheel on a bycicle. The goal is to lose it.

The following quote is from an article by Ajahn Thanissaro:

The Buddha said that there are two types of people who misrepresent him: those who draw inferences from statements that shouldn’t have inferences drawn from them, and those who don’t draw inferences from those that should.

Unfortunately, he does not list a reference. But I believe he is exactly right. Dhamma is probably hidden between the lines !

Doesn’t the Sutta mention twigs and reeds? In any case, a combination of teaching devices.