The diet of monks

Buddha already knew 2,500 years ago that the healthiest way is to eat until 12 o’clock. Today, researchers show that there is truth in this…

  1. The training rule on eating at the wrong time:
    “At the wrong time:
    when the middle of the day has passed, until dawn.”

“Here we show that eTRF(food intake restricted to the early part of the day) was more effective than mTRF(food intake restricted to the middle of the day) at improving insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, eTRF, but not mTRF, improved fasting glucose, reduced total body mass and adiposity, ameliorated inflammation, and increased gut microbial diversity. No serious adverse events were reported during the trial. In conclusion, eTRF showed greater benefits for insulin resistance and related metabolic parameters compared with mTRF.”

Randomized controlled trial for time-restricted eating in healthy volunteers without obesity - PMC (

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