The difference between Panca Indriya and Panca Bala

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What is the difference between panca indriya and panca bala in Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma? Both have the same 5 points (saddha, viriya, sati, samadhi, panna).


5 bala are functionally equivalent to 5indriya, and are defined the same way (SN 48.43 simile of 2 rivers and island),

AN 8.28 suggests for arahant, he has 5 indriya, while those on first 3 paths, in AN 4.163, they are 5 bala.


Ven. Bodhi’s note from “Connected Discourses” for clarification:

“That which is the faculty of faith is the power of faith; that which is the power of faith is the faculty of faith.” ~ SN 48.43 ~

The statement as such seems to maintain that there is no essential difference between the faculties and the powers, that they are the same five factors viewed from two different angles. Though it is tempting to see the powers (bala) as a more highly developed stage than the faculties, nothing in the canon or the commentaries supports this idea. Spk says that one factor is the faculty of faith “in the sense of exercising control in the characteristic of resolution” (adhimokkhalakkhane indatthhena saddhindriyam), and the power of faith “in the sense of not being shaken by lack of faith” (assaddhiye akampanena saddhabalam). Similarly, the other four are faculties exercising control respectively in regard to application, establishment, nondistraction, and seeing (paggaha, upatthana, avikkhepa, dassana); they are powers in that they are unshaken by laziness, forgetfulness, distraction, and ignorance.

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A simile the way I understand it.
A two-year-old boy has the male sex Indriya but no power.
A fifteen old boy has the male sex Indriya and power both.
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