The does med-it-ate ... :-))) 🌛

The Does’ Prayer :cloud::first_quarter_moon_with_face::cloud:

The does, as the hour grows late,






The does, as the hour grows late,
They fold their little toesies,
the doesies.

(Christian Morgenstern, translated by Max Knight)


Can you point to the original source please?

The german original is freely available at projekt gutenberg.

Had the english translation by Max Knight simply downloaded without saving the source url, long time ago. Here is some copyright information in the file:

The Gallows Songs / Christian Morgenstern’s Galgenlieder
A Selection
Translated, with an Introduction, by Max Knight
University of California Press 1964.
1963 by Max E. Knight

Ah, just found an online copy of Knight’s translations here (page down a couple of times)

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Thank you! The English is even nicer than the German. :smiley:

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Yes, it is just a heartwarming playful game … :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel as though I’m conpletly missing the point of this? Maybe there isnt one.

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Ah yes! After a few days running this poem in my head I must say it brings me much joy and satisfaction in a strange way. I feel as though I understand a bit more about it. Oh and I realized I had been reading it as “the doers” and not “the does”! Thank you for shareing this beautiful short peice.


@Ftwnitsudftw - that’s nice, thank you! Don’t know any emoticon for my answer which expresses my wide smile on my face, which feels like it were a meter-wide :slight_smile:

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