The first precept?


When we identify with compostable material that can be turned into sausages as ‘myself’ we are going to feel that our nerves are a bit jangled.

If we identify with a stream of impressions - thoughts and feelings as ‘myself’, we are going to feel insecure. Thoughts and feelings are fleeting - they don’t last.

The Buddha taught that this impermanent phenomena is not worthy of being called a self. Grasping this passing phenomena and identifying with it gives rise to unnecessary suffering - fear and worry. He taught that letting phenomena go leads to freedom and bliss.


I wonder if we sometimes place a higher value on human life over the lives of other beings because they cannot complain when we mistreat them and, they are often unable to defend themselves or claim special rights and privileges. I often see human beings behaving in an animalistic way and creating mayhem and disorder. What is the use of so-called higher consciousness if it is not used for a good purpose?


Are you enlightened?


I view the precepts as an expression of Right Intention, which includes the development of harmlessness.


It would seem that euthanasia can be an intention based on compassion.