The Former Buddhas in Sinhala Commentary

I am studying the Chinese translated Sinhala Vinaya Commentary

Edit: This text mentions all Ancient Buddhas and Dipankara Buddha

King Asoka in his inscriptions only mentions visiting the stupa of one former Buddha. And that was Buddha Konagamana.

I now got a mention of the prophetic announcement by Dipankara Buddha. But 3 former Buddha was used before in the pages.

Only natural? What do you mean? It’s best not to make unsupported positions of highly speculative things. Based on the Pali texts as a whole, I see no indication the the Buddha’s knowledge was limited to the current aeon, quite the contrary.

How do you come to this conclusion?

The three Buddhas you mention are the three Buddhas before our current Buddha in the Mahabhaddakalpa, the current great fortunate aeon. It seems like that would be a reason that they would be mentioned together.


Btw @Snowbird. I am concerned to remove later traditions from my mind. If this commentary mention more than two times The 3 Former Buddhas and after mentioned that they all visited Sri Lanka. And doesn’t mention anymore. Mentions their Bodhi tree then that’s a reason to search more. That suddenly Dipankara Buddha is mentioned as one who gave Buddha prophecy. It’s not surprising. Because maybe he was sharing the tradition in Buddhavamsa. But the way 3 former Buddhas was mentioned it’s like that was original tradition. Or atleast close.

Also this corcern me. A tradition lost. Untraceable

From Kathāvatthu of the Abhidhamma in another post I found this following untraceable sutta that is in it.

PTS p.169 (sl.221)

“Under the Exalted One Kassapa, Ānanda, I lived the higher life for supreme enlightenment in the future”


Now there is a mention Vipassi Buddha and onwards(words)because the Sāriputta question. I’m almost finishing. This a long commentary.



Here the rest are mentioned.