The Harbingers: what if things are really what they seem?

I wrote a novel! You can buy it in paperback, as it should be, or just read it online like a cheapskate.


Congratulations Bhante!


Very cool, Bhante! I had no idea you were writing cli-fi! Thank you!

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Thanks for documenting your md->all the formats pipeline. I was wondering how the cool kids have been doing it these days.

As for the novel, I don’t know if I can handle anything so distressing as poetry at the moment. Too close to home with, you know, \gestures around\ all this :pensive:

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The Government regrets that with the disbanding of emergency services, it is not in a position to provide aid for citizens affected by unpredictable weather patterns. The Prime Minister has expressed confidence that the situation will soon return to normal, and reiterated his position that the Government cannot be held accountable for unforeseen events. His hopes and prayers are with you in your difficult times.

lol I’d say it was over-written, except… :face_exhaling:

And I must say: I loved the scene with denialist Chris. :joy: I guess I shouldn’t begrudge people their hope, huh?

Someone asked William Gibson why his books aren’t really science fiction anymore. His reply was something like, “Because the future is here. I don’t need to write sci-fi now.”

Honestly, though, I think the world will go on, and humanity will go on. People should read history books, and not just the past 200 years. I mean, real history. All of this stuff has happened before in one way or another. We just got super-high expectations about life in the past couple generations.


I absolutely love dystopian fiction which is what your book sounds like. The problem with it is dystopia described a future state of the world whose seeds already exist, so in a sense the future is already present within our consciousness.
The movie “Brazil” descibes a society based on information retrieval and manipulation which sounds very much like our current state of affairs.I will read online.
With Future Metta, the Cheapskate


So … what I hear you saying is…

Atmospheric calculations at the Mauna Loa station
Gotcha hyperventilating at the deadly implications.

Oops my bad I did a poetry.

It’s really not easy to exaggerate reality these days …

see also, “the future is here, it’s just unevenly distributed …”

I think that is usually taken in a positive way, but it really applies to climate collapse as well.


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Indeed I was joking the other day that with GPT2, the Sci-Fi novels literally write themselves.

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Yeah, he’s an insightful guy. Not very optimistic, though. That would be other people taking his bit and running with it. He’s somewhat like Twain that way, seeing the flaw in human society, the problem without a solution. He’s also a great way to get a good look at the blurry American underclass. His extrapolations haven’t been too far off the mark. I’m still waiting for the Golden Gate bridge to be turned into a giant homeless camp.

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