The Hoping Heart

Hi to all,

The heart is hoping. It beats idealistic. Hoping that things go well, on any terrain.
The hearts wants that everybody is healthy, oneself is healthy. That nice things succeed. Blossom. That beings have a good life and are free of troubles. It has a hard time living with something else.
It longs for the wellbeing of any being. In a sense it longs for a perfect world.

It has the idea that suffering does not really belong to this world. Like it has another knowledge or is not of this world. Because, if it would be from and of this suffering filled world, why is it after all this endless lives in which it met in an endless way with sickness, decay, death, pains, loss, sufferings still dreaming, still idealistic, still wanting, and does not naturally accept the world as it is? Why? It is because we experience much more happiness in Samsara than suffering? Why are we not totally at peace with suffering?

It is like the heart beats on a strange rythme of un-worldliness. It is like the heart after endless lifes is still not adjusted to how the world is. Is it incapable to adjust to how the world is? Is there no life without hope? Is this idealism intrinsic to being alive? Is it a problem?

In a sense one could say the heart is like a child. It is not really adjusted to the world yet. But that is strange because it is for such a long time in the world. If something is not a child it must be the heart.
Still it is not adjusted to the world.

Yea nicely put. I suppose by heart you mean our inner self, which never accepts the reality, and instead always expects what is not possible, like living forever, never dying, never wishing to feel pain, always wants to be surrounded by happiness. What I can think of is that, if we don’t try to consciously improve this heart or control or purify it, then it will cause us different kinds of unbearable, unthinkable sufferings, unimaginable sufferings in future just as it is causing now, or getting subjected to it. :thinking: