The Jataka Tales - Stories of the Buddha's Past Lives - Summarized

The Jataka Tales

Stories of the Buddha’s Past Lives



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For anyone who is curious, that image, I believe, comes from Muga-Pakkha Jataka (#538) - The Jataka Tales It’s a great story. I mean, they all are, tbf.

One interesting choice the author has made was to put the frame story at the very end. Normally there is a “story of the present” before the actual Jataka story and then another bit at the end where the characters in the story are identified and sometimes the results for the listener are shared. He puts both of these at the end. Which of course is much better than leaving them out completely which most Jataka collections do.

I found the author’s page:


Thank you… I was curious to know where this image was from…

In addition to being a good website, it also stands out for using these images