The joy of sailing


I’ve been sailing dinghies on and off for about 40 years, which co-incidentally is also how long I’ve been involved in Buddhism ( though also a bit on and off! ).
I got back into sailing again this year, having bought an old Laser, and have been enjoying the elements - sun, wind, water and space. It’s quite meditative at times, feeling at one with the boat and the wind.
I also have a sit-on-top kayak which I took out to sea last year, nice just to relax and feel the waves move underneath.

Anyone else into water sports, or just mucking around on the water? :yum:


I used to surf quite a bit, although now I do it more sporadically. I was taking some sailing lessons out in a harbor on Lido 14s which was pretty fun until I tweaked my back from being crouched underneath the boomvang for so long. I’d like to sail again, although I might need to do it in a boat where I’m not bent over so much of the time. I love the ocean though, and staring out at the horizon, I always feel called to head out towards it, off into the endless beyond.


What part of the great world ocean do you muck around in? I’m in the pacific off the coast of California.


California sounds like a nice place to sail - I’m on the east Coast of England, next to the cold North Sea!

You mention being crouched underneath the boomvang, were you crewing/observing? Laser sailing can be hard on your back and knees, though I don’t move around so much these days, I’m a lazy sailor. :yum:


Right on, California is a nice place to sail surf etc., although in defense of the cold, I think I like the ocean more in winter. Although my winter is much warmer than yours.

And yeah, I was crewing/observing, my second favorite thing to do on a 1-2 man boat.


Once you’ve learned the basics then a single-hander like a Laser might suit you - old ones are quite cheap, I got mine for £150, she was built in 1975.


Cool, I’ll try to remember that. :sailboat:


Two days ago a friend told me he loved sailing , for the solitude and seclusion. I imagine the water, air, sun, solidity is really palpable.


It’s a lovely way to experience the natural world. I sometime crew on larger boats when I’m in the mood for some company. I’m currently doing a power-boat course at my local sailing club, as I’ve volunteered to help on the safety-boat. Tomorrow we get to drive a RIB really fast, like in the James Bond films. :laughing:


We had great fun on the power-boat course today, high-speed planing runs and fast turns on a river. I think we worried some swans and hire-boats though. :yum:


I sailed my Laser today for the first time this year, gorgeous weather and enough wind to make it interesting. She’s a very old boat (1975) but basically sound, and quite exciting at times.


The sun was definitely out!


And getting warmer over the weekend! Unusual for a British Bank Holiday. :blush:


Yes the weather’s spot on this time!


I’m on safety-boat duty tomorrow, we might need some sun-cream!