The limits of perception and cognition?

Our perception of reality - even when it’s enhanced - is always limited and it never arrives at the ‘thing in itself’. Perceptions are always a (way) of looking and they are always limited by what we are capable of understanding. Our perceptions can never tell us how things are in any ‘absolute’ sense this is why we should never lose the capacity for self-doubt. When there is a complete openness to ‘what is’ - a sustained reaction-free attention - there is a point where everything ceases. This is the ending of the known and the knowable - Nibbana.

The five groups of existence are limited and interrelated. Freedom is?

“Just as a line drawn on water with a stick will quickly vanish and will not last long; even so is human life like a line drawn on water. It is short, [limited], and brief; it is full of suffering, full of tribulation. This one should wisely understand, one should do good and live a pure life; for none who is born can escape death.” - the Buddha

“Living in a state of discovery is … staying open to new knowledge, new insights, and new experiences. I call this “being curious”: being inquisitive about the world … and even about new notions of yourself.” - N. Merchant

We explore the teachings and learn as we go along - how could it be otherwise?

“The whole purpose of these jhanas is to learn through practice, bit by bit, to let go of more and more consciousness … Allowing consciousness to cease, by calming it, settling it, and allowing it to go to cessation … It’s not what one would like to see … through the experience of the jhanas, and the surmounting of conditioning, one has gone beyond all of that. It is not what one has been taught. It is what one has seen … This is the brilliance of the Buddha’s teaching of anatta. It goes right to the heart of everything.” - Ajahn Brahm

“One of the standard Canonical descriptions of how to ask about the meaning of an expression is “to what extent is this so?” … This could be taken simply as an idiomatic expression with no deeper meaning, except that the realizations leading to release include … “having directly known … the extent of description and the extent of the objects of description, the extent of discernment and the extent of the objects of discernment” (DN 15).” - Thanissaro Bhikkhu