The meaning of life is 42


I love this bit from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, I think it’s a brilliant piece of philosophy.

Outside the fact that giving blood is an excellent way to be generous, what do we do with an answer to ‘everything’ that we don’t understand? (that doesn’t seem to have any meaning)?

Or in more Buddhist terms, how useful is something that doesn’t solve the problem of suffering?

And even if you find an ultimate answer™, how do you know that there’s not an even more ultimate ultimate answer behind that? How many ultimate answers does one need before becoming disillusioned with the search itself?

With the last scene of the video in mind, what’s the use of any Ultimate Meaning if it doesn’t lessen suffering in some way? Wouldn’t such a meaning be just as impotent and inadequate as ‘42’? :sauropod:


The Buddha had deep compassion and had discovered the end of dukkha. Why suffer needlessly - that is pointless and meaningless. Why not realise the :heartbeat:-ts sure release. What could be more valuable and meaningful than solving the problem of existence. In addition, to help others to arrive at the same freedom - what a beautiful gift in a world full of pointless dukkha.