The meaning of 无为 " wu wei " in buddhism

SA 293 :
" 如此二法,謂:有為、無為。
有為者,若生、若住、若異、若滅;無為者,不生、不住、不異、不滅,是名比丘諸行苦寂滅、涅槃. "

The word 无为 sometimes
can be found in the
Chinese Agama translations .

Here, it has the meaning of
" the uncondition " i. e. Nibbana .

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It’s a big deal in Taoism. Maybe it was borrowed, or just seeped in, from there. I’m surprised to learn that it’s found in EBTs; I would have thought it was more a Mahayana/Taoism concept. Zen has a strong thread of wu wei: “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” --Basho

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Instead of 无为
can render 无漏