"The Mindful Way - Buddhist Monks of the Forest Tradition in Thailand with Ajahn Chah"

Stumbled upon this documentary, and thought I would share. It’s quite a great little piece.

I had never heard Ajahn Chah speak, before. He truly is larger than life.


Thank you for sharing this. It is both humbling and inspiring to watch this documentary. Humbling because, as I have posted in other threads, I discovered Buddhist teachings purely by accident while on a trip to Thailand in the midst of a life crisis. Upon returning home I found out that there is a Thai Buddhist Wat close to where I live. I have been able to pursue my practice at the Wat and it has changed my life for the better.

The documentary is inspiring because the teachings depicted in the film are precisely those I am learning at the Wat I attend. The monks and laypeople have taken me in and have been enormously generous in their support of my practice. I endeavor to give back to the Wat as best as I can since it has been so instrumental in helping me initiate a new approach to life.


Then I think you might like this video as well, actually. It’s about Ajahn Achalo, and how he too ran into auspicious signs and convenient coincidences, which helped to lead him down the path.

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Thank you for sharing this. It’s eerie how a life crisis can actually turn into a life-changing event that opens up heretofore unknown opportunities. I don’t believe that ordination is in my future, but my practice grows each day, in part due to the loving kindness shown to me by people who follow the Buddha’s teachings.

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