The need for a Buddhist Hospice in Sydney

Dear all

As far as I know, there is no Buddhist Hospice in Sydney. I have volunteered with a Christian organisation in their hospice end of life and since they are open to all faith I met many Buddhists who would have loved to have had a more specific Buddhist hospice. Also many non Christians suggested that they would have preferred a mindful based place since they knew Buddhist approach to also other religions.
It is a bit of my dream to work towards a Buddhist Hospice with Buddhist and mindful trained counsellors and approach.
I have no money (actually at the present not even job) but lots of passion and time.
If you are interested to this potential project or you think we can work towards it I will be very much happy to be put in contact with others interested, or just let me know what you think about it.
With metta


Hi @Gabi73 maybe you could connect with the chaplaincy team at the Buddhist Council of NSW?

This is a big idea project that would require a lot of resources to get accomplished!

Iā€™m on the Board of the BCNSW and I know that their resources are already pretty thin. But it could be good to start conversations with some of the hospital chaplains and see what pathways might be available to make it happen.

You also might like to participate in their upcoming chaplaincy program.


Thanks so much Bhante for your wonderful suggestion and words and definitely I would love to connect with the association and members.
I have worked in these couple of years to a couple of potential projects and way we might achieve this and definitely I will be happy to find people interested in trying to do something knowing that it will be a long journey and of course as everything else uncertain :laughing:

I am finishing my training as bereavement and crisis counsellor (yup I went back to study after teaching for 23 years) so I definitely will have lots to learn from the experience of chaplains and the members in any case
Thanks for your time and advise


I have nothing useful to add, just a big anumodana for your wonderful aspiration and I hope it works out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you :pray: Bhante. I will try my best.