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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu


Shared on facebook without shadow of a doubt!

Just beautiful, and left me joyfully speechless



This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing


Very impressive! The end scene almost looks like a reference to Plato’s cave. :grin:


This is really beautiful. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.
With Metta


SC next… Can’t wait! :wink:

Dhamma doodles :grin:

Happiness! When can we share this? now?

new site available on what date, if all goes as planned?


Amazing, Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! Please share this video far and wide!


No need to hide the light…

with metta


Please, yes.

Very soon! (I’d rather not get too specific, our developers are under enough pressure.)


Dear Bhante @sujato,

Can you upload the video on YouTube? Because is blocked by our country ISP

Thank you :anjal:


Wow, that’s … something. I wonder why Vimeo is blocked?

In any case, yes, we did plan to upload it to Youtube, so maybe @deepika can look into that. Meanwhile if anyone wants to reupload it on their channel, or any other video service, that’s fine.



Websites such as Reddit, YouTube, Imgur, Vimeo and 455 are all blocked in some countries due to reasons too sensitive to discuss here. When we were travelling in Tibet last year we used a vertual private netwrork (VPN) to overcome access restrictions to a certain level. There are lots of VPN providers like Pure, IPvanish, Nord with varying cost and service levels. Anyhow we hope to upload to youtbe as soon as possible.


Wow! Amazing and beautiful narration.
Sadhu sadhu sadhu :anjal:


That was a very well done and professional video. Kudos to the makers of it.

Looking forward to the new site. Thank you all for your hard work.


For non english readers, “if we had thumbs, we would be snapping” r[redacted]
Shared, happily.


That’s very kind, thank you.


Did you do the narration?
Who ever did it was beautiful.