The new SuttaCentral …


Yes, that is me. Thank you for the kind words. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. I thought they hired a professional narrator.
Why don’t you do Sutta reading ( Frank?
He needs some help.


While I’m not a professional, I had trained as an actor many moons ago.



Excellent Job @Nadine!


Thank you everyone who made this project possible! :pray:
Namo Buddhaya! :pray:




Thanks for putting this on YouTube, much easier to deal with.


My sangha just got more beautiful. Namaste…with Metta. And thanks!


Kudos to all the SC Next developers and supporters.

Two things really impressed me so far:

  • The offline functionality works in Firefox. Meaning it’s Linux friendly. Thanks for that. (I’ve never even heard of a “Progressive Web App” until today. Apparently I’m a dinosaur.)
  • The “Dark” theme. (I don’t suppose that a Dark theme could somehow be added to Discourse.SC as well?)

I noticed that CAPITAL LETTERS get used a lot in the new site. I would like to respectfully request that the use of all-caps be reserved for the occasional outburst of SCREAMING, as is a long-standing Internet custom. Just my 2 cents.


You may be confusing all-caps with small-caps. We occasionally use all-caps, but only where typographically justified; it only means :scream: when used in regular text. Small-caps, on the other hand, mean “we are dignified and sophisticated so you should take us very seriously”. :tophat:




Beautiful site! Nice work @sujato, guys :slight_smile: