The ordination of bhikkhunīs: from Trojan horse to St. Bernard dog


@dzt I have read your response, and decided not to engage.

May you, and all, be happy and peaceful and ultimately freed from all suffering.


Would you ask a man this question? Would you ask a monk this question?


Perhaps Theravāda needs a Pope-toaster.

There was a legend of a lady Pope named Joan, in medieval Europe, who snuck into the Papacy in drag. The story is almost definitely ahistorical.

The legend goes, and I don’t doubt there is Protestant colouring of this legend from the years of sectarian warfare in Europe, but the legend goes that every new Pope is hoisted into the air on a chair, and the Pope-toaster toasts the Pope by sticking his hands up his robe to make sure there are the appropriate genitals underneath.


Ack! :see_no_evil: