The origin of these Suttacentral's frontpage arts

I think we’ve all looked at these for quite some time now, and recently they have really caught my wonder. So I would like to ask for some infomation about these amazing arts :slightly_smiling_face:


From the SuttaCentral licensing page:

The paintings on the Home page are by the Australian artist Kim Hoa Tram, and are used by kind permission of the artist and the National Gallery of Victoria. These and other works by Kim Hoa Tram may be seen at the National Gallery of Victoria website.


Thank you very much musiko :blush:


When designing the site, I wanted something to lift it up, give some space to breath. I came across these, and they seemed very suitable. Made by a Vietnamese artist, in Chinese style, drawing on Japanese subjects, and made while living in Australia! Both the National Gallery and the artist were very kind, and gave permission to use them generously.