The Paccekabuddha: A Buddhist Ascetic. Kloppenborg

I had trouble finding the PDF access to this Buddhist Publication Society essay for some reason. So I am posting it here in the hopes it’ll be easier for other interested people to find and access in the future.

The link to the PDF:
Kloppenborg, Ria. (1983)The Paccekabuddha: A Buddhist Ascetic, A Study of the Concept of the Paccekabuddha in Pali Canonical and Commentarial Literature. The Wheel Publication No. 305-7. Buddhist Publication Society. Kandy, Sri Lanka.

If you want to download it:
wh305_Kloppenborg_Paccekabuddha-Concept-In-Pali-Canon-Commentary.pdf (593.9 KB)


I will definitely read. Because I found this now.


It’s mind blowing. I think most of our generation might become one then.