The Pali sentence in English

May I ask anyone could help to translate the following Pali sentence into English:

Buddhagataṃ saṃyuttena sukkhasomanassabahulo viharatī ti patthanaṃ karomi.


Maybe you meant instead “sukhasomanassabahulo” which means “with abundant ease and happiness; full of physical and mental pleasure”?

I am not too sure about the grammar because it does not look like a wish with the verb “viharati” while “patthanaṃ karomi” means something like “make a wish”. I was expecting a verb like “viharāmi” or “vihareyyāmi”/“vihare”

Maybe it can be roughly translated as: I make a wish “To live with abundant ease and happiness connected to the Buddha”

Again, I’m no Pali expert so please forgive me for stupid mistakes :pray:


Thanks for your response indeed.

Yes, as suggested, it is “sukha” (not sukkha).

It seems your translation is correct! Thanks.