The Perfection of Wisdom is Humor

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I’m glad you could delight in MN1, cause the monks that heard it did not! :joy:


This is actually the most fascinating thing about MN1. From this I know that even practice is not to be relished, practice is just practice. Vinegar is just vinegar.


He didn’t seem into mollycoddling them!

With metta


MN 122

Ānanda, treat me as a friend, not as an enemy. That will be for your lasting welfare and happiness. I shall not mollycoddle you like a potter with their damp, unfired pots. I shall speak, pushing you again and again, pressing you again and again. The core will stand the test.

(I’d love to make this quote into a doodle but I’m still waiting for inspiration… :wink: )





I was thinking more along the lines of cattle prods myself :rofl:

cattle prod is an electric shock stick , just a small electric shock :sweat_smile: