The practice of Non-delight in the world

The practice of non-delight in the whole world.

I found in short Ghandhara Sūtra and that practice I found difficult to understand how we lost that transmission. It’s puzzling. But it’s seems I have two versions now from Ghandhara.

I don’t remember if it’s mentioned by Buddhaghosa or in the Vimuttimagga. Not that I remember.

But the main practice was when going to village to see it as non-village and so with city etc and you do not take delight. Make probably a feeling a nondelight towards them. This way you control your mind towards them. After some time you see parks etc and practice the same. Until you find non-delight in these things. Then after awhile you do nondelight in all directions. After you focus your mind that you found non-delight in the whole world.

I actually asked for this practice once here but found it now in Ghandhara text thanks to recommendation of @dougsmith may he soon reach Nibbāna!


May this practice benefit you also