The rest of Bhikkhu Bodhi's MN 19?

Hi Sujato and team, many thanks for the welcome info and for the wonderful resource that is Sutta Central. I’ve just been watching the video of Bhikku Bodhi on MN19 and it cuts out after 24 mins. Can’t find it on YouTube. Let me know if there’s another way to access it. Much appreciation for your work in maintaining SC,
with Metta,

Thanks, I have uploaded an mp3 of what is presumably the full talk in the thread with the video.

By the way, @sujato @blake, a small thing, but I notice when I uploaded the mp3 file this time it embeds an mp3 player instead of displaying it as a link. When I uploaded mp3s previously it displayed as a link. eg:

I don’t know if that’s deliberate.

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The coding is different.

<a class="attachment" href="//">M0155_MN-079.mp3</a> (37.6 MB) 

displays like this:

M0155_MN-079.mp3 (37.6 MB)


displays like this

Not sure why the coding ended up different, it could be because of an update in Discourse.

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